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Combining the demand for high yield staking programs and the hate of dogs token.

The Retro Neko Token or $R-NEKO White Paper (“Whitepaper”) has been issued by Retro Neko for informational purposes only. To use any of the Retro Neko Token or $R-NKOrelated services, one should read this whitepaper alongside the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”), if any.
This whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus. It is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investments in securities in any jurisdiction.
The purpose of this Whitepaper is to provide potential purchasers and users with the information on Retro Neko Token or $R-NEKO ecosystem to allow the purchasers to make their own decision as to whether or not it wishes to proceed to purchase Retro Neko Tokens (“Retro Neko Token or $R-NEKO”) and use any of the Retro Neko Token or $R-NKOecosystem of products.
This whitepaper is a working document and is subjected to changes and errors. Estimates made in this document may be future statements that have not been brought into realization.
Statements made may be highly speculative and may bring about a difference between what is documented and real-life events. Thus, this whitepaper is not a guarantee of the success of the project.
In joining such a project as a holder of Retro Neko or R-NEKO Tokens, partner, or investor you completely understand the risks. The Retro Neko Team, partners and contributors shall not be held responsible for any loss, damages or legal, financial, technological or other problems that may arise.
Technical difficulties may occur and result in downtime during transaction processing, which might be temporarily beyond us. During a period of downtime, users might experience issues with processing transactions. Security risks (exploitable server vulnerabilities, malware attacks, giving away confidential information to a third party, etc) may also surface as users are required to secure their wallet information.
As a consequence, we urge any prospective purchaser to take the time it needs to fully understand what is at stake with the Retro Neko ecosystem. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Keep in mind that past performance does not predict future results. Also, ensure that you fully understand the law of the land before initiating a purchase of digital currency or crypto assets.
It may be an offence to purchase cryptocurrency in your region of residence due to the laws of the country. Ensure you have accurate information and knowledge from your legal counsel and be fully aware of your status of legibility concerning this.
There is no guarantee that the price of a Retro Neko Token or R-NEKO token will not fall, nor can it be guaranteed that money will be spent to keep the price of $Retro Neko Token or $R-NEKO at a minimum.
You should also be aware that the current Retro Neko Token or $R-NEKO protocol parameters may vary and are estimates: the reward rate per day is an estimate and may change, and the frequency of reward payments is an estimate but may be delayed. The APY that the protocol may bring you is an estimate and not a guarantee.
Finally, please be aware that the following factors may hinder the development of Retro Neko Token or $R-NEKO: the evolution of the crypto market and the beginning of a lasting bear market, instability, congestion, and possible bugs on the Binance Smart Chain, a hack that allows someone to recover (part or all) of the protocol funds despite the protocol’s security efforts, legal obstacles and changing regulations that prevent the Retro Neko Token or $R-NEKO team from completing the project, and finally technical, human, or financial failures on the DeFi yield protocols Retro Neko Token or $R-NKO aims to work with.
There is no guarantee that these situations cannot happen in the future, as they are beyond the control of the Retro Neko Token or $R-NEKO team. All project announcements and relevant documents, including this whitepaper, will be available on our website and official social media platforms.
We urge you to discard external information from any source unless we confirm the credibility of the information or the source on our website or from our representatives.
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